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Introduction to Networking

  • Jun 16, 2024
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Introduction to Networking

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Siyam Ahamed
Faculty & IT Support Engineer


Networking: In very simple words when there are two or more computers are connected among each other then it can be called a network. The process of communication between these connected computers is called networking.

To define networking more specifically we can say that networking is a process of resource sharing among two or more computing device.

The resources are of two types.

1)     Hardware resources

2)     Software resources


Let there are 4 computers in a cybercafé and there is only one printer there. This single printer can be shared through the network and all 4 computers can use the single printer. This is an example of hardware resource sharing.

Let a file is being shared in the network of the cybercafé so that all user can get access to the file and perform there required work in there. This is an example of software resource sharing.


Elements of networking: There are four basic elements of a networking system, these are as follows-

1)     Sender

2)     Receiver

3)     Media

4)     Protocol


Sender & Receiver: In a network system the computer/device which shares resources or services is known as sender on the other hand the computer/device receives the shared resources or services is known as receiver.


Media: Through whom the computers or devices are connected to each other in known as media. Basically media are of two types

1)     Wired media

2)     Wireless media


Protocol:  Protocols can be defined as a set of rules by which the computer and devices communicate with each other.

What will you achieve?


Understand Networking


Basic to advanced networking


CCNA Routing


CCNA Switching

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Initial to advanced Learners of Networking


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